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Paros: A journey into space and time

On July 26th 2008, George Pittas presented his book “Paros. A journey into space and time” at Lefkes Village Hotel The presentation was a small feast, since it started with traditional sounds of the islands performed by De La Paro, three musicians of Paros Niko Papadaki- lute, Niko Tsadani- tsabuna and Spiro Balio- violin and tubaki. The book was presented by the journalist Bilio Tsoukala and commented by the educator Eleni Skordili. This revised edition has made a point of nothing all of the cultural societies, local societies, active citizens and cultural foundations, who fight to support the cultural and environmental heritage of the island.

This edition also highlights the island’s cultural wealth. The quaint country paths, the monasteries, the churches, the country houses, the crops, the Paros Folk museums and also the peoples activities at local customs and religious festivals, written in intimate detail.

One basic innovation has to do with the introduction of ten people of the island. Through ten small stories that record the greatest of Paros assets. Pieces of the book read the president of Municipal Council Antonis Arkas, Mosxoula Kontostaylou, Bilio Tsoukala and Eleni Skordili. The night closed under the sounds of De La Paro, tasty food and good wine

Vineyards of Paros: A Challenge

The meeting with the title: “Vineyards of Paros: A Challenge” took place at Lefkes Village Hotel the weekend 14-16 of June 2008 With an initiative of George Pittas, the municipality of Paros, the prefect’s office, the Agricultural Union of Paros and Moraitis Winery cooperated and organized this meeting having two goals. The first was the presentation of vineyards of Paros to the journalists of the magazines that are specialized in gastronomy and wine, in order to know the wines and vineyards of Paros. The second one was the awakening of the community of Paros for the protection, the development and recognition of Paros’s vineyards.

George Pittas in his speech questioned if the vineyards of Paros and its management can create a new type of touristic development that will make the local agricultural products, the cultural inheritance and the singularity of vineyard landscape worthy. Then he introduced the characteristics of “Wine Tourism” and how this new touristic product may effect the aspect of globalization of tourism, in order to distinguish and emphasize the singularity of every place

Association of Regional Development and Mental Health

The Association of Regional Development, Mental Health and the Mobile Unit of Mental Health of Cyclades organized on the 4-6 of June 2008 the 9th Annual Meeting of the European Net for Research and Education in Mental Health E.N.T.E.R. Mission of the ENTER net is the establishment and the promotion of a high lever prevention and care of the mental health in Europe. The meeting took place in the “House of Literature” at Lefkes with the participation of representatives from 11 countries.

The first day a scientific meeting was held with subject “Movement of the local funds for the mental health” while the second day took place the general assembly of the net in which were planed all the scientific actions of the net in European level. Lefkes Village Hotel choose for their accommodation the psychiatrist Marta Anchewska and the psychologist Czeslaw Czabaia from Poland , the doctors Stefano Zanone and Monica Venturini from Italy , the medical manager Anne Matte Billekop from Denmark and other scientist.


On 19th -20th of May the International Writing Program in collaboration with the Fulbright Institution in Greece and the municipality of Paros organized for the third year the “New Symposium” at “The House of Literature” in the village of Lefkes with the participation of 15 foreigner writers. This year’s theme was “Home- Country”. During the symposium all together discussed about the poems, the short stories and the essays of the participants. All the scripts after their final form they become an electronic book and a real edition.

Lefkes Village Hotel accommodated a lot of the participants such as Chris Merrill the Chief of the International Writing Program of Iowa, Artemis Zenetou the director of the Fulbright program in Greece, the writer Nikos Papadreou, the editors Durovicova Natasa and Jonathan Wells.

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